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Join Ed Samuels ONLINE For "The 17 Essentials To An Effective Job Search"

It takes work to optimize your career and that includes conducting an effective job search whether you are working or unemployed. Learn the early-stage triggers of when to optimize your career and if a career pivot is in order.

Join Michael Brenner ONLINE For “How To Ace The Interview And Get The Job!”

In this lively and engaging session led by Dr. Michael Brenner of Right Chord Leadership, you’ll learn the three essential P’s for interview success: Prepare, Practice, and Perform. How well you execute the three P’s will have a profound impact on your interviewing success!

Join Warren Cook ONLINE - Preparing for Success in The First 90 of YOUR New Job

The session will explore the first 90 days of employment and offer guidance on how to demonstrate tremendous value and success during this ramp up period to position yourself for long term performance success.

Join Us ONLINE/VIRTUAL For Insights From Human Resources & Recruiting Experts

Get a fresh perspective on your job search as the Career Networking Group, Montgomery County goes behind the scenes with local talent acquisition professionals who will share their insiders’ views on the recruitment process.

Join Us ONLINE - Body Language Secrets Uncovered to Nail Your Next Interview!

You have the ability to harness the power of nonverbal communication, to revolutionize the way you present yourself, to change the way you approach client interactions and to utilize a unique skill set to become the best version of yourself.