Career Directions


Make the right impression on an interviewer

You only get one chance at a first impression. Make it count!

When you land that interview, you will need to prepare just like a lawyer prepares for a meeting with a client. Research confirms that the best prepared candidates will always land the job before candidates who are less prepared.

Remember, an interview is a business discussion in which your prospective employer is “buying" what you are “selling." Make the sale!¬†

Learn about all aspects of interviewing

You'll get tips and guidance for each and every part of the interview process. Ask about Career Directions main services:

  • Pre-interview research.
  • Effectively marketing yourself during an interview.
  • Respond correctly to any question or situation during an interview.
  • What is your prospective employer looking for?
  • How to maintain and project confidence.
  • One hour of intensive interview coaching that will include a video-taped mock interview with comprehensive feedback.