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Wonder how the pros build an effective professional network on LinkedIn? Have a professional coach help give your profile a makeover that:

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Make your LinkedIn Profile shine

LinkedIn is where the pros go to network.  It’s also where potential employers go to recruit and search for qualified candidates like you, to fill specific jobs. That’s why having a killer LinkedIn profile is crucial to your job search journey. I recommend having a professional career counselor audit and repurpose your LinkedIn profile in order stand out and attract recruiters.

“George Schonewolf is a friend and colleague who is an accomplished career professional and seasoned networking veteran.”


Ford Myers – Award-Winning Career Coach and Author

Why do I need a pro?

Professional career counselors talk with recruiters and professionals every day on LinkedIn and know what each is looking for in an ideal candidate. Having a pro create your profile will ensure that you are standing out in a professional way and get you noticed by recruiters.

Is your profile:

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