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“I am so grateful for the help and expertise I have received from George Schonewolf. His knowledge of career development has helped many in job transition prepare themselves for the next steps in their journey. George continuously stays abreast of the latest trends, and immediately shares new and pertinent information with his clients. He understands the challenges people can face throughout the process, and not only empathizes, but provides relevant, real-life tools that can help. George has taken time out of his very busy schedule to help, and has gone above and beyond so others can succeed. Simply stated, George cares. Thank you so much!”
— Patti Murphy, Project Manager and Strengths Coach
“In all my dealings with George, he always impressed me as the consummate professional. From start to finish, he helped me every step of the way. First, he helped me focus on what career direction would be best for me. George assisted me in updating my resume, composing an excellent cover letter and beginning the process of contacting the companies that best matched my skills and career interests. I was always deathly afraid of job interviews and through practice interviews helped me to gain confidence in my interview skills. He always seemed to be genuinely interested in my success in finding a job and often went beyond the call of duty in helping me secure a position.”
— David Oliver, Chief Financial Officer of a suburban heating and cooling company
I began attending the Jenkintown Career Networking Group (Formerly the Career Success Group) in Jenkintown, PA, organized / headed by George Schonewolf to begin building good, professional networking relationships. It’s a very friendly, supportive group comprised of people of all ages who are in career transition. George has over 20 years of professional career coaching experience to his credit, and I needed to connect with him and this group. After attending a few of his presentations on networking, job hunting, and resume writing, I finally understood why my resume wasn’t doing anything for me. It just wasn’t highlighting my achievements and successes as a communications professional. During the resume writing workshop, I bombarded George with questions about good resume writing, and he was very patient, giving, and really supportive. Yay George! That workshop empowered me to completely “dissect” my resume and rebuild it from scratch. As I began this challenging task, key phrases began to click, and I began to emphasize successes and achievements. “That’s common knowledge,” you might say, but I have always found it quite challenging to develop my own resume style and “voice.” I sat down, took my resume apart, and created a completely different marketing tool. It was cleaner, sharper, and straight to the point. I uploaded it to several job boards and use it in my job search, always crafting it according to the specific job. It’s now generating more invitations to interview for greater job opportunities. I also have my own business card. An attention-getting resume and a business card are extremely important to have today. I am very grateful to be a part of George Schonewolf’s Career Services group. Why go through a career transition period alone? Give yourself the opportunity to network and brainstorm with others during this time. Trust me, you’ll be a better person for it.
— Sammy Rosario, Training Coordinator